Mobile Websites

With over 9 million smart phone users in Australia today, having an effective mobile website isn’t just a good idea- it’s a business necessity if you want to remain relevant and ahead of your competitors. Mobile internet is one of the fastest growing communications phenomena in the world, and for those millions of Australians, business review mobile applications and mobile internet browsers are their first port of call when they want to find a business – now.

The difference between mobile sites and desktop computer sites is the size and layout. For effective smart phone marketing, your site needs to translate seamlessly into a mobile version; the key information, calls to action and visual assets need to be laid out in a way that makes the site easy and attractive to navigate, as well as quick to load. It comes down to paring back your web content to the bare minimum, whilst making a site incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing for the purposes of mobile branding without compromising your essential image.

Try this test with your business site. Open it on your computer, and then open it in the browser on your smart phone. If you didn’t know your site back to front already, would you find it easy to read?

Would you find it easy to navigate? Would you want to keep browsing, or would you get annoyed? Good mobile phone marketing means not only being able to capture the attention of your audience and reach them 24/7, but hold their attention through to the moment the contact or sale is made.

If your business website isn’t mobile friendly, AppsCore can help with a range of customised smart phone branding and mobile marketing solutions. Give us a call on 1300 282 278 to find out what we could do for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Robert Reid

“The application we wanted to build used technologies in ways they had never been used before, when 5 other developers said that it could not be done, Appscore found a way!”

Appleton Estate

“On time, on budget and great service!”

Patrick – Cash Crop

“I was so impressed with the iPhone App I got them to build me an iPad version!”


“Exceeded our expectation and would recommend them to anyone!”
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