Want to reach a massive proportion of an eligible target market of customers- 24/7? An iPad application is a great way to ensure your brand is in the forefront of customers’ minds, as well as delivering functionalities that have a direct impact on your business, such as shopping and instant call buttons.

iPad apps are fun, engaging, user friendly and useful. Because of the increased screen size in comparison with smart phones, there is a huge amount of potential in terms of visual properties and interaction. Whilst apps were once thought of as a novelty, they have a huge amount of potential in terms of developing customer relationships, allowing customers to make purchases, increasing customer engagement with the brand, and bringing the business into the user’s everyday life. An AppsCore strategist, in conjunction with an expert iPad app developer, will be able to develop your idea or help you come up with an iPad app concept that will help you grow your business in a way that’s right for you. Your app could take a number of different forms, from a game to an interactive shopping & styling app to a cooking app showcasing your publication/s or products. The possibilities are essentially limited only by your imagination- ask us and we’ll try to find a way to do it.

The iPad development process may be much simpler than you would anticipate. From your first point of contact to the moment your app is launched on the App Store could be as little as a couple of months. This includes the testing period, an essential part of the process where we make sure your app is ready to use. Don’t waste any time; if you want your app to be a success in time to have an impact on seasonal business trends, call us as soon as possible.

AppsCore develops iPad apps at our Melbourne headquarters. To get in touch with our office, call 1300 282 278 now.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Robert Reid

“The application we wanted to build used technologies in ways they had never been used before, when 5 other developers said that it could not be done, Appscore found a way!”

Appleton Estate

“On time, on budget and great service!”

Patrick – Cash Crop

“I was so impressed with the iPhone App I got them to build me an iPad version!”


“Exceeded our expectation and would recommend them to anyone!”
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