Core Plot framework file not found – Resolved!

We gingerly navigate down the path of the Core plot Framework, minding our own business, aiming to finish a project and looking good for a 3 pm knock off. Just as we’re about to drop down a gear and cruise to the finish line we hit “No such file or directory” for any/all of the Core Plot classes. Well here’s spanner in the works…Not really the outcome one was looking for.

Well lucky me I follow the iPhone Dev Blog and remember a post about the exact problem….that tells me to do the following:

1. Set the ”Header Search Paths” to the “CorePlotSDK” folder.

2. Click click on the “Header Search Paths” and up pops a dialog box where you can tick a tiny box labelled “Recursive” next to the ”CorePlotSDK” entry ($HOME/Library/SDKs/CorePlotSDK/${PLATFORM_NAME}.sdk)

3.  After that you set ”Other Linker Flags” to -ObjC -all_load -lCorePlot

4. Bang on the rebuild button

5. Pack up the laptop for a 2:59 dash for the train.

Over and out.



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